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I offer psychotherapeutic counselling services in a variety of specialties;
tailoring therapy to an individual's needs.


If you're struggling with general anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, worry, rumination and more, I can help you to manage your anxiety and support you to overcome your fears.


Life Transitions

Adjusting to change can be a difficult process for everyone. Over our lifetime we can expect to experience many life transitions; such as moving school, a change of job, moving house or the loss of a loved one. If you're feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to cope with some big changes in your life, I can help you to discover positive and healthy ways to manage those changes.     


Trauma Recovery

Trauma can affect anyone at anytime in their lives. Understanding how it affects both mind and body can help in the healing and recovery process. 

"I don't think that you're abnormal. I think that you have survived something that is abnormal.  You're not sick. You're stuck in a defensive state." 

Justin Sunseri

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