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life transitions

Life transitions are the times in our lives that involve change. Over the course of our lifetime we will inevitably experience new situations and events that will impact us. One of the biggest challenges with managing any form of life transition is dealing with uncertainty. Experiencing the loss of a job, the breakdown of a relationship, being bereaved, becoming ill and reaching retirement can all be difficult changes to adjust to. Even positive changes such as a promotion at work, the birth of a child and moving to a new home can be exciting but also challenging and difficult to navigate. Feelings and emotions brought about by life transitions and significant changes, can often cause us to evaluate and question where we are in our lives and what's important to us.


The impact of change is unique to each individual. I aim to offer you a safe space to explore areas of change in your life; supporting you to find resolution and future direction.

• Managing Uncertainty (fear of the unknown)

• Adjusting to Retirement (establishing new routines)

• Change in Circumstance

• Reaching a Significant Age

• Losing or Changing Job

• Leaving Home

• Getting Married

• Becoming a Parent

• Illness

• Bereavement

Get in touch for a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss what's troubling you and I'll let you know how I can help.

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